Unrequainted Love - an illusion 

It's the same, when you catch someone's eye, smile, even exchange a few words and feel at one with that person 
for a brief moment, then for some reason, you and that person just 
go away, hoping you'll see each other again, but never do, even 
when years go by. That's like unrequainted love also.

Concept of Love 

If you're looking for love, then you have to love also. If you're looking for love and that meaning is distorted, then you're away going to have heartbreak and disappointments. It's not the person's fault, when this happens, it's your fault, because you only wanted to see what you wanted him or her to be, and not what he or she really is.
Love is doing good for the other. The rest is self-interest.

Using the Name or Concept of "God" in vain 

God has nothing to do with our lives. If God did, we wouldn't be complaining about it. It's us that attract our friends and enemies, good or bad situations and outcomes. If you negotiate badly on things of life and the heart, you get what you got. So if you make a mistake, is it God's fault? No, it's yours. So live to learn, so you can learn to live.

Begin Living Life With New Eyes 

Everyone has lived a million lives, has experience all pleasures and suffered all pains, been murdered, raped, burned, assaulted, abused, etc, so nothing is new under the sun. It is until we reach enlightenment, that we will jump off this rat race, spinning wheel, monotony of life and lives, and begin the real adventure with the Cosmos.

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